Pourquoi nous avons besoin d’un Guru dans la vie???
À mon avis, le Guru est la meilleure chose dans la vie, parce qu’il t’adore plus que quiconque.
Mon Guru est Paramahamsa Nithyananda. Il est un maître éclairé et il relance l’Hindouisme.
Il est grand et époustouflant ! Il a de grands yeux magnifiques. Il est très beau. Il a des jattas longs et épais. Plus important, il a un large sourire !
Dans la vie, sans un maître éclairé, nous ne pouvons pas être bienheureux, car, nous ne savons pas où regarder. Quand nous avons un maître éclairé, il nous montre que la félicité est en nous, et non au dehors.
Dans l’hindouisme , il y a les écritures comme les Vedas et Upanishads. Il dit que nous sommes divins! Nous ne sommes pas des pécheurs… nous sommes des dieux !
Swamiji est descendu sur terre pour nous offrir cette experience. Merci beaucoup Swamiji!

English translation:

Why should we have a Guru in our lives?
The Guru is the best thing that can happen in our lives! He is the only one who loves us more than even we love ourselves…He knows us more than we know ourselves and His only intention is to empower us. My guru is Paramahamsa Nithyananda and he is rapidly reviving Hinduism back to its originality.
Swamiji is the epitome of grace ; he is tall and he has long, thick jattas like Sadashiva. Most importantly, he has a large smile.
In our lives, without an enlightened master, we seek for bliss in the wrong place because we don’t know where to look. When the GURU happens in our life , he makes us experience that it is within us, not outside!
Unlike other religions, Hinduism preaches that we are born divine, not sinners. Hinduism declares that we are all Gods, and Swamiji has descended to planet earth, to give us that ultimate experience .



Who am I?

” You are not your neurological, physiological and psychological ups and downs. You are your intention to be!” – Paramahamsa Nithyananda.

Whether we realise it or not, the way we perceive ourselves matters. It is the foundation of our lives! If we carry a low image about ourselves, ALL the situations we attract in our life will put us into more sadness and depression. The words we utter to ourselves are the words we attract around us, in reality.
When we change the way we look at ourselves, miraculously, what we want starts manifesting immediately, remind us of our divinity.

Throughout the illegal, inhuman persecution that was pinned on Swamiji, unimaginably, He never experienced depression of any kind, or suffering! Under normal circumstances,one would’ve shut themselves from the world in utter violation and grief.
But in Swamiji’s case, He never gave up! Even now, He goes on endlessly empowering people, showering experiences of self realisation and reviving the grandeur of Hinduism, without an ounce of sadness.
When people have incredulously asked Swamiji how this was possible, He simply explains that as he knows he is Sadashiva, nothing can violate Him! As he is established in the space of Advaitha, constantly living as Sadashiva, He can never experience grief!

Swamiji says, we are the owners of our lives. WE decide how we want to live.
The idea we carry about ourselves determines how happy we’ll be and how successful we’ll be.
I have seen in my own life, altering the idea I carry about myself reflects almost immediately in the existential reality around me.
Over the past few days, it’s been pouring cats and dogs. I happened to be stuck outside home on one such occasion. When rain drops started trickling down my hair, my first reaction was irritation. Then, like lightening, Swamiji’s words popped up in my head, reminding me that I’m Sadashiva and I have the power to manifest what I want. So, I closed my eyes and declared to myself , “I am Sadashiva. Dropping all my doubts and denial at Swamiji’s lotus feet, I declare it will stop raining now and continue only after I reach home.”
Miraculously, the rain stopped within seconds of my declaration!!! I wouldn’t have imagined living such an amazing life filled with miracles, if it weren’t for Swamiji and his teachings.

So, when you can upgrade your phone and your television, why can’t you upgrade yourself?
Upgrading your inner image( the idea you carry about yourself) brings excitement into your life and removes boredom. In other words, experience your peak possibility, your higher self, by changing the way you perceive yourself!


Celebrating the Cosmic mother…

A prevalent question which crosses all our minds… Why does Hinduism have so many Gods? There are crores and crores of Gods and Goddesses in Hinduism! Frequently, people have asked Swamiji why this is so. He answers them with a question; why do we have so many cars? Thousands of different cars have been manufactured with different levels of quality, different aesthetics, varying diesel consumption and so on, only because so much of research and development has been put into that particular field.
Similarly, the ancient Vedic Rishis had such an impressive thirst for inner fulfilment, that their research and development was in the science of inner space, to discover different paths to experience Oneness and they came up with an innumerable number of them.

Let’s say, you want a fruit which is hanging from a tree. There are numerous ways to get it. You could either climb the tree, or use a ladder, or use a piece of rope and pull it down. There are hundreds of ways to get it down. The grandeur of Hinduism is such that, there are so many different paths which will ultimately lead to the same goal. Swamiji has said that he himself has been exposed to so many of the paths like Vedanta and Shaivism, but none of them have amazed him as much as the science of Srividya, which is the Devi worship.

It would be considered normal to feel pangs of fear when a thief points a knife at you. But would you feel the same fear if your mother points it at you ? Of course not. This is because you trust her without a flicker of doubt and know that she would never do anything to hurt you.
When we start relating to life as our Cosmic mother, we feel tremendous joy and peace, as we know very clearly, whatever happens is just her play. All fear, greed, anger and sadness can melt away just with this slight shift in our cognition.
Many of us carry the dreadful idea that ‘life is sadistic’. This feeling completely vanishes when we start relating to Life as a mother. A new feeling of sweetness and trust develops in us and we become so light and relaxed knowing that every situation which arises is just Her manifestation, so she wouldn’t do anything to hurt us. This change in the way we perceive life, is enough to remove excessive burden, stress and fear that all of us carry about the future.

Being a born Hindu, I never felt very connected to any God or goddess before meeting Swamiji. I always used to feel a distance.  After my first encounter with Him in 2013 and during my time in Gurukul, I started relating to deities with such a degree of intimacy and closeness, that so many astonishing divine experiences started pouring in, convincing me of their very real, alive existence.

In other words, love your life and celebrate every moment, knowing that it is all Her divine play, which is always going to be auspicious 💞

Being sensuous.

Sensuousness : the feelings which are characterised by gratification of the senses.

I feel sensuous, receptive to everything around me.
How sweet the morning air is! Today, it’s a lovely apricot sky with flames in it and then a solemn pink. The air is still and freezing cold. Sweet, fragrant vapours rise from the Earth. Apparently, it had rained all night. Water drops cling to the plants, making the leaves glisten. Fresh flowers bloom with raindrops on them. The Sun has just risen. Thin rays of orange creep up into the sky. The red rim of the sun pushes itself higher effortlessly, as if a giant invisible hand has stretched down, pulling the curtain of night from the face of the Earth.
Promptly, a gentle sensuous breeze caresses my face. The sudden, sharp chirping of birds cuts through the air, giving me goosebumps. A few birds fly across the saffron sky in a commendable formation. I incredulously wonder how it would be to soar across the sky, piercing the wind, feeling so immensely powerful. I think to myself, the world has enough beautiful mountains, spectacular skies and serene rivers. It has enough lush forests and sandy beaches ; it has the promise of a sunrise and sunset , but it lacks people to enjoy it.

Sadashiva himself exists in details. How will we be able to enjoy Him when we don’t enjoy the details surrounding us? We always overlook the tiny details, but they turn out to be the most lovely ; Sadashiva’s creation.
Only now does it dawn upon me, the beauty of gratitude ; the greatest attitude, as Swamiji calls it. We ask for a ring, but are we grateful for our fingers? We demand God for money, but are we grateful for our very existence ? Swamiji says that every breath is a blessing and something we have to be grateful for. The problem arises when we ask ourselves WHY we have to celebrate, why we have to enjoy. Why do we need a logical reason to be happy? Especially when Swamiji has happened in our lives, what is there NOT to celebrate and be grateful for?
Blessed are those who see beauty in places where others see nothing. 💞



Ever heard of a disorder called ADHD ( Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder)?
A shocking 11% of the world’s children are diagnosed with this disease,according to new statistics.
Let me now reveal to you something you don’t already know. Leon Isenberg, the scientific father of ADHD spills the beans on his deathbed, that the whole disease is nothing but a figment of imagination! Quoting him, “ADHD is a prime example of a fictitious disease.”

Yes, you read correctly. Even according to Dr.Edward C Hamlyn, a professional psychologist and the founding member of Royal college of general practitioners , “ADHD is a fraud intended to justify starting children on a life of drug addiction.”
So, this implies that there are thousands of kids all over the world believing that something is seriously wrong with them! I find it absolutely horrifying that about fifty years ago, a child not participating in class would be termed as lazy, but now, he would be labelled with a disease!
This is precisely why there’s been such a dramatic increase in the percentage of kids diagnosed with ADHD. Devastatingly enough, it’s become a mere BUISNESS for the psychiatry industry to impose drugs upon children ,addicting them to it, ensuring a reliable profit for themselves. It’s sickening!

Lately, psychology has been classifying almost everything as a disorder. From wrongly believing that someone is in love with you ( erotomania), to inability in properly expressing a language ( Landau- Kleffner syndrome) , everything is termed as a disorder. Does this mean we are all mentally sick? Does this mean we all have something seriously wrong with us? The worst part is that psychology doesn’t provide established, genuine solutions for these problems; only drug use and other superficial techniques. Some mental disorders don’t even have a cure !

I’m grateful to have Paramahamsa Nithyananda in my life, as my Guru. 💞🙏 One of Swamiji’s umpteen contributions to the world, is spreading awareness about psychological myths which threaten humanity. Swamiji has said before that Hinduism gives you a grand introduction to yourself! It declares that you are divine! You’re not a sinner, and you’re certainly not abnormal in any way! Hinduism EMPOWERS you to live up to your peak possibility ! Swamiji has spoken hours together on a remarkable technique and truth called Poornatva (Completion), which helps you rewrite your future by making the past redundant. ( I will be expanding on this in my future blog posts) . This technique has transformed the lives of thousands of people, making them believe in themselves and love themselves!

Here’s the link to Swamiji’s discourse about Completion, the ultimate solution.



A starry night.

Here I sit on the rooftop of my house, in the dead of night. The cool breeze brushes the hair off my face and brings to me the strong fragrance of soil. The unwelcome rain had stolen the last hour of the day. The only sound I hear, is the whistling of the wind and the sporadic passing of vehicles down below.

I lower my face near the cup of hot chocolate that I’m holding, to feel it’s warm cozy steam against my face. I relax with a sigh of contentment. Here I am, alone with myself, collected, tranquil, mirroring the feeling of serenity from the skies in myself. I gaze up at the sky to see a number of glittering stars overhead, as if someone has splashed a spoonful of silver over the edge of the world. Funny things, stars, I think to myself ; they’re actually bigger than the sun and yet they appear to be so diminutive. Unrealistically enough, as a child, I’d always cherished the fantasy of becoming a star; shining brightly over the world, adding radiance to the dark.

I shift my gaze up to the sky again and feel it’s vastness in me. I can lose myself in it… I feel one with it.

Even though I sit here alone, surprisingly, I don’t feel even an ounce of loneliness. Then, it strikes me that I’m not alone! How can I ever be alone after He has promised to always be with me?  I smile nostalgically, as I remember His exact words to me ” You’re mine. ”

This would mean everything happening in my life, from the minutest of incidents, to the grandest of them, are all His Leelas.. His divine play.

I turn my gaze up to the stars once more, and like lightening, I remember what He once declared. He declared that incarnations aren’t just stars which light up the night sky ; they assume a form to make millions of more stars shine just like them.  A feeling of awe rushes into me and I understand, from our side, the least we can do is have the trust that He will make us a star. During deity sculpting, lots of the rock gets wasted and broken, and the remaining forms the deity. When we associate ourselves with the broken parts, we miss out on all the ecstasy but when we associate ourselves with the deity which is being sculpted, we experience oneness. Similarly, when the inauthentic identities are being chiselled in our lives, we have to understand that we are not the broken identity, but the whole, Sadashiva himself.

It’s already midnight. How did it get so late so soon? I get up and climb down the stairs, to my bedroom, with a feeling of gratitude towards Swamiji, for His uncompromising compassion.

Hinduism is REAL!!!😍🇮🇳

Ever tried travelling in a car, where the seat isn’t properly attached ? You wouldn’t be able to travel for more than a few kilometres! Similarly, if the seat you’re sitting on isn’t cushioned, then all the shock of the road would directly reach you, ensuring that you have possibly the worst ride in your life! 😂
The solution for this, would be a cushion spring in the seat ; which would provide stability as well as comfort ; making sure you don’t feel the severity and bumpiness of the road.
The GURU, the most beloved, compassionate intervention in our life, acts as the cushion spring ; not only does He maintain His originality and authenticity, He also makes sure the path we travel on is of utmost comfort and luxury. ( When I say luxury, I certainly don’t mean the number of zeros in your bank account; I mean luxurious in experiences, travelling to higher States of consciousness and discovering yourself!!! )

The very foundation of Hinduism is the Guru- disciple relationship. As for me, I’m blessed enough to have H.H Paramahamsa Nithyananda, an incarnation of Sadashiva himself as my Guru. 💞🙏
Swamiji has said, trying to achieve absolute bliss in your life without a Guru, is like trying to go to the Sun in a bullock cart! It might happen, but after ages and ages of tapas (penance), trial and error. He has also declared before “I’m not here to prove I’m god, I’m here to prove that YOU are God!” This is veraciously what Hinduism revolves around.

Some religions preach that we are born sinners, while others preach we are ordinary animals, merely living off the Earth’s resources and waiting to go to ‘heaven’ or ‘hell’ .
Hinduism is the ONLY religion which empowers you! Hinduism says that we are all born divine, we are all as divine as the God we bow down to. We are all extensions of whichever God we worship !! Hinduism gives you such a high idea about yourself.
Some idiots argue that all religions are the same. But how can a religion which tells you to kill people , and a religion which tells you to enrich people, be considered the same ??!! Stating that all religions are the same, is like equating all the various cuisines of the world, which is impossibly imbecilic. 😂. All religions can be considered as unique, but they are most incontrovertibly not the same.

Very frequently, we come across people who question Idol worship ; they claim that when God is everywhere, why should they worship an idol? I would like to answer those people, with one of my very own cherished experiences.
Before meeting Swamiji, I never enjoyed the idea of visiting temples, or even any form of worship. For me, my relationship with God was more like a business deal. I would promise to do pooja only on one condition ; If I got a straight A in my tests. If I didn’t, I would never even look at the deity. After joining Nithyananda Gurukul, I was made to understand the right context; the right reason to worship, and I realised how much it fulfils me! My ishtadevata, my favourite deity which I connected to, became my best friend ; I would share everything with Him, and after a certain point of time, I started experiencing that He was with me always. Then it struck me, even though God is everywhere, we haven’t realised it yet, and till we realise it experientially, deity worship is the most beautiful way of connecting with the divine. ( I will be expanding more on deity worship in my further blogs, because I have soo much more to say☺️)

The purpose why Swamiji assumed a form, His mission on Planet Earth, is to establish that Hinduism is real. All the legends we have heard; for example, in the Mahabharata, the ability to fly, the ability to see what’s happening in a completely different place just through the third eye… All these aren’t just ‘myths’ as people like to refer to them. They are very much REAL, and a possibility even for us. Blessed are we, to be living in the same era as Swamiji, so we can be part of His mission, discovering our true nature and our highest possibility!

That’s it for now 😃. You can expect plenty of more posts about Hinduism!!!!


The Lord of Time and Space…

What I’m about to share with you, is one of my most cherished, favourite experiences with Swamiji. Even though words are too diminutive to describe Him, I’ve tried my very best 😍

I squinted into the semi-dark hall full of meditating people. The soft,slow mediation music hummed lightly in the background. Everyone had tied their eyes for the meditation, other than me. Meditation was something I absolutely loathed. I couldn’t wait for it to get over. As the music went on monotonously, I sat with myself, submerged in deep, unrelated thoughts.
As I daydreamed, my friend turned to me and whispered excitedly ,
” Today is Kalabhairava Darshan! Can you believe it ?”
I looked at her, thoroughly confused and asked her what she meant by that.
All of a sudden, before she could open her mouth to answer, a loud , uproarious laughter pierced the air, giving me goosebumps and widening my eyes. The laughter was filled with bliss, yet it was unexplainably wild and boisterous. Immediately, a voice announced that everyone would have to untie their eye bands( except me, of course) and get ready for the Darshan of a lifetime; Kalabhairava Darshan.
Unexpectedly, loud music started blaring from all speakers, as the curtains slowly pulled to the sides, revealing to us His radiant form. All my thoughts melted away, as I gaped in awe, a sight I had never even dreamt of seeing, a divine form of absolute perfection, standing tall and powerful, holding a Trishul. For a moment, I wasn’t able to recognise Swamiji at all! He wasn’t quite the Swamiji I had seen the day before… His hair had been let out hanging free, He wore a garland of skulls and bells, and on his waist, He wrapped a cheetah skin cloth . It was a scene to be seen! Most unbelievably, He stood on Padukas,with sharp nails on them. I genuinely wondered how He was doing so.

Kalabhairava raised his eyebrows, widening his brilliant blazing eyes, awakening the Kundalini of everyone in the hall, just by His powerful glance. Occasionally, He would whip His head back, and explode into fits of uncontrolled, euphoric laughter. Even though my eyes were fixed on Him, I could vaguely see the people around me levitating, because of the overflowing Kundalini energy. After what seemed like a few minutes, Swamiji sank into His aasanam and summoned us all for individual energy Darshan. I was unimaginably excited for this, but a small part of me was a bit overwhelmed by the ferocious appearance that Swamiji had, including the skulls, cheetah skin cloth and the Trishul. Even when He was blessing other people, I watched closely with fascination, the patience and unconditional love with which He listened to them and assured them that He would take care of everything. Each and every person who walked down the stage after their turn, looked like the most fulfilled, blissful beings on the Planet. I incredulously wondered how Swamiji could manage to fulfil every single person He encountered.
After a few minutes, it was our turn to go on the stage and get blessed by Kalabhairava. My heart started thumping in my chest as I approached.
At last, the most awaited moment; I sat directly in front of Kalabhairava, His enormous form loomed over me. His eyes bore into mine, literally looking INTO me and acknowledging everything that existed within me. I looked back into His large, magnificent eyes and got a glimpse of the powerfulness within. His compassionate, loving smile widenened at me. I stared back at Him, in loss of words. Before i knew it, He welcomingly widened His arms for a hug, and I fell into His arms, feeling like the most loved, favourite child of the Universe. He laughed lovingly and stuffed my hands with chikkis and added ‘ Love you kanna.’ ( in Tamil, kanna means child)
At that moment, I was too blissed out to even reply, so I beamed back at Swamiji and ran down the stage, my hands overflowing with chikkis.

Later, when people have asked Swamiji what he feels like when Kalabhairava enters Him, he beautifully explains that He feels like a THOUSAND Nithyanandas have emerged from within, so He feels extremely ecstatic. Swamiji also explains that His body feels so light, so He doesn’t even feel the nails on which he is standing and the nails don’t leave any kind of impression or marks on His feet after the Darshan.

The ultimate war strategy!

Have you ever had an enemy whom you utterly despised? An enemy, because of whom you are now battle-scarred… An enemy without whom, your life would be ameliorate, more satisfactory?
With the grace of my Guru, H.H Paramahamsa Nithyananda, I am about to reveal to you one of the infinitely formidable Laws of Existence, which He himself has expanded upon ; A strategy to make our enemies powerless!

Advaitha, (oneness/ non duality) is the ONLY war strategy which always guarantees success. When someone is established in the space of Advaitha, they are sure to win the battle!
Thousands of people have asked Swamiji, with unfeigned admiration, how he went through the illegal persecution and scandal without an aota of sadness or anger. With a twinkle in his eye, He beautifully explains that, as He is established in Advaitha, no one can ever actually have violence towards Him, they merely cherish enmity. As He himself doesn’t feel violence towards any being, established in pure Advaitha and compassion, the Cosmos (Existence) always supports Him!

But what exactly is Advaitha? Swamiji defines, ‘Advaitha is the ultimate truth, that everyone is an extension of YOU. ‘ We are all from the same Source. We are all parts of each other. Just like in our body, our eyes and hands might have different functions, or different appearances, but they are from the same SOURCE.
When we start cognising this truth, our violence and anger towards the other person drops completely, flowering into compassion. All we have to do, is find out which part of us hates them, catch hold of that part, and drop that cognition by applying Advaitha. The magnitude of the truth is such that, the effects are IMMEDIATE!!

In the Mahabharata, if Arjuna had approached the battlefield with anger and violence just as Duryodhana or Karna had done, he would’ve most certainly lost brutally! Blessed enough to be initiated into Advaitha by Krishna himself, he emerged successful. He made his enemy powerless, by making his ENMITY powerless!! From our side, when we decide persistently,to cognize someone as an extension of ourselves, surprisingly enough, the Cosmos stops supporting them. They become like a fan without electricity! When we entertain enmity towards someone, unintentionally, we are making them strong and belittling ourselves.

Hinduism declares :

लोकाः समस्ताः सुखिनो भवन्तु (Loka samastha sukino bhavanthu)
This means:
May all beings be happy and free, as we are all extensions of each other.


Also, I will be explaining more about Advaitha , in my future posts, as one article cannot suffice to satisfy the depth of this truth… So keep reading for more💞


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